17/3/07 Palmerston North Speedway

scott with new colour's?Hi there,No racing for the 86p team this week but went to watch the stockcar racing,with 26 cars (supers & stockcars)the racing was fast and entertaing.The two race's they had before the rain came had the stockcars hitting and the supers racing.57p calvin honore seemed to be in most of the action.well that's all this week.

wal 86p crew

88p dean watts

19p paul harris

not sure who was driving this car

royden collingwood in 94p

1st race of the night with the supers off the front

99p scott McIntosh

19p and 44p driven by peter locke

98p craig humphries won the 1st race

race 2

49p and 57p with some mid race action

9p brent hyslop with the win in race2

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