Palmerston North Speedway

Manawatu Superstock Champs


Saturday night saw the Manawatu superstock champs held and with 23 cars presant the racing was fast and furios with 6v dion mooney getting rolled in the first heat.58p peter bengston won heat 1 with a very good drive.heat 2 and 3nz shane penn came away with the win and having finished 2nd in heat 1 was leading the points.heat 3 and 2nz peter rees got held up by 53p kevin roberts and his chances of winning the champs were gone,71p kim lace drove a very good race to win heat 3 but 3nz shane penn was 3rd and the title was his with 58p peter bengston 2nd and 2nz peter rees 3rd.

Another good meeting with plenty of biff in the stockcars and superstocks but the stockcar numbers are still low?

2nd 58p peter bengston

71p kim lace

31p andy McCabe

Wanganui Speedway

Charlie Berntsen Trophy


Sunday afternoon saw me at wanganui for some good old stockcar racing.there were drivers just cruizing the pole line looking for cars to hit and the superstocks were allso bashing each other so much that they canned the 3rd race for them because only 2-3 were left.the winner of the berntsen trophy was 18v tony james who drove well all day and keeped mostly out of the biff.nice way to end the weekend.

ceeya next time WAL

berntsen trophy winner 18v tony james

2nd 45s daniel reade

3rd 31p gary davis

25v carl burns 88v ian barron

BIG AL 46w allen levien

1nz gerry linklater

64b beatle tarrant

34p rob mason 1st heat

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