Palmerston North Speedway 5-4-08


Saturday night saw the tanks vs the best,this time round the best were the best having better tactics and faster cars. Before the start of the race 38r Ross Ashby had electical problems and sat out the race. From the start 591p Wayne Hemi jumped out for the early lead, by lap 2 the tanks were down to 3 with 23n Mike Delaney stopped against the wall, by this time the best were running 1 2 3 and only 85n Jared Wade was running for the tanks. With Scott Meirs tank only getting his motor back 2 hours before the meeting and smoking a bit he was down to blocking. The best just had too much speed and were able to win the race rather easily.

86p Dwayne Martin had his car out for the first time this season and was running HOT!! The first race he was in the top ten but by the second race he had the car hooked up and then in the third he just missed out on first place by a whisker.

The rest of the superstock races were fast and furious with over 20 cars in most races. The combined feature was a stop start affair for the first 5 laps with around 30 cars in the race, but once the field wittled down the rest of the race went fairly fast.

See ya next time


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